iPhone 5 fingerprint reader/Touch ID articles

A few articles (many quoting colleagues) with information on the new iPhone 5 fingerprint reader (aka. Apple Touch ID):

ARS Technica: TouchID Hacking┬ácommentary (summary: it’s not easy)

CNN – How iPhone 5S makes your finger into a password

ABC News – Does the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Make it More Secure?

Ars Technica – Fingerprints as passwords: New iPhone Touch ID gets mixed security verdict

Mac News World – New iPhone Could Kick Biometrics Into High Gear

International Business Times – LG Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5S, 5C: 3 Absolute Reasons Why Nexus 4 is More Practical than Next-Gen iPhones

Silicon Angle – iPhone 5s Fingerprint Sensor Replaces Home Button : Fast Unlock + iTunes Purchases

ComputerWorld – Why Apple will disappoint businesses with iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner

1250 WTMA Talk – Does iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Make It More Secure?